“The New Album “The Lockdown Sessions’ is now available from the store and from Bandcamp. Thanks a million for all your support, it means the world” JDx

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Happy New Year (I know it’s February but i’ve not said it yet so here it is.) Some sad news, due to scheduling issues the first Wednesday in Whitefield gigs at SPRC are unfortunately no more.. I’ll hopefully be back at the club for some dates […]
The Silly Season is nearly upon us but theres still a fair bit of music to cram in before 2020 so here’s what coming up in December. Come and say hello at one of the shows if you can.Thanks a million for all your support this […]
Howdy there. It’s been a while since i’ve blogged about anything in particular and though i’m pretty sure no-one has noticed, a few of have been asking for updates so here goes… I joined 3 really busy touring bands, started writing a new Album, started gigging […]